Awareness, Healing and Transformation

Awareness. What usually brings people into my office is pain and suffering from which they seek relief. Once they develop an awareness of the obvious and underlying causes of that pain and suffering, they start to feel better. The crisis passes and changes are made (ending a bad relationship, leaving a job). Awareness is developed […]

Grief and Bereavement

Grief and Bereavement: Finding an Enduring Connection

Maintaining an enduring connection with the individual who has died supports a healthy grieving process and may help the survivor avoid complicated grief. The grieving individual can potentially replace obsession about loved ones with feelings of connectedness with. This article: outlines Worden’s Tasks of Mourning highlights the myriad of ways our society already attempts to […]

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

I just found out that today marks the start of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This will hopefully raise awareness about what has become in many ways a silent epidemic. There so many men (yes men!), women and children caught up in situations in which they are subject to repeated abuse and which they feel […]

Complicated Grief

I recently had an article published on about Healing Complicated Grief ( A newly named condition, it has never achieved the status of a mental disorder. Why is that important.? If it were to become a mental disorder, it would be given a diagnosis code which is necessary for insurance reimbursement. Most people don’t […]